Friday, July 25, 2014

How to download VEVO videos on Youtube

I have tried many browser addons as well as Video Downloaders (softwares claiming to download most videos from most sites) in order to download high quality VEVO videos on Youtube......they all failed miserably!

After tirelessly searching for a solution online on the internet, these two methods worked and successfully downloaded the VEVO video.

1. Go to
2. Enter (Youtube) URL
3. Save video


1. Go to
2. Download and install 4K Video Downloader
3. Open 4K Video Downloader
4. Copy the URL address of the video (from Youtube)
5. Paste URL to 4K Video Downloader
6. Select the video format
7. Choose download folder on your computer
8. Press Download button

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gmail can not attach files - how to fix (solution that worked)

Using Firefox browser, in the compose of Gmail, the attachments fail. I was able to successfully attach a notepad (.txt) file but picture (.jpeg) files and Word (.doc) files fail. Below are the suggested fixes/solutions I have tried, but the last fix is the solution that actually worked for me. It was like, thinking out of the box (of a specific browser).


How to update Flash Player

1. Go to
2. Install now
3. Save file
4. Go to Downloads folder
5. Doubleclick install_flashplayer file
6. Click Run

Checking for Updated Version of Flash Player
1. Start
2. Control Panel
3. Flash Player
4. Advanced
5. Check Now


1. Open Firefox
2. Tools
3. Add-ons
4. Plugins
5. Click the: Check to see if your plugins are up to date -> (top blue sentence)
6. If you have Outdated plugins
7. Update now
8. Install now
9. Save file
10. Go to Downloads folder
11. Double click plugin file
12. Click Run

Manually Uninstalling plugin

1. Open Firefox
2. Type about:plugins in Address bar
3. Enter
4. Go to the folder where plugin is located using Windows Explorer
5. Rename file by adding X in front of filename (e.g. ngiwf32 becomes Xngiwf32).
6. Plugin will then be removed.


1. Open Firefox
2. Type about:config into address bar
3. Find the following:
4. Right click each of the above then select Toggle -> false
5. Restart the browser
6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 two times (i.e. Toggle to true and then finally to false)

SOLUTION 4: INSTALL OPERA BROWSER (this fixed my problem)

1. Go to
2. Click Free Download for Windows
3. Go to Downloads folder
4. Double click Opera_setup.exe
5. Click Run
6. Wait until Opera is installed
7. Go to
8. Sign in to Gmail
9. Click Compose
10. Attach files --> you should now be able to attach .doc, .docx, and jpg files.

This worked liked a charm for me............and it is way FASTER than Mozilla Firefox.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Top 10 Free Emails

The best free web-based email providers have these services and features in common:
- unlimited storage
- spam filtering
- automatic spam deletion
- antivirus
- email blocking lists
- email hosting
- IMAP / POP3 Access
- chat services
- sms (cell phone text) messaging services
- video call capabilities
- calendar
- address books
- tasks
- notes
- mailing lists
- mailing groups
- mobile interface
- document storage
- document management
- online office apps
- other cool features to attract users

1. Gmail - Google

2. Hotmail (Outlook) - Microsoft

3. Yahoo Mail - Yahoo

4. iCloud - Apple

5. Zoho Mail - ZOHO Corporation

6. AIM Mail - AOL Inc.

7. Lycos - Daum

8. - United Internet AG

9. GMX mail - United Internet AG

10. Facebook Messages -

Monday, March 10, 2014

How to call Skype if contact is Invisible or Away status

If your Skype contact (person you want to call or chat) is not Online meaning that the contact status is either Away or Invisible, the Video Call button will not activate (grayed/light green). 

In order to Call your contact even if the Video Call button is disabled, do the following procedure steps:

1. On Skype Home in Contacts (left side pane)

2. Click the Arrow Down on the right side of the Call Mobile or Call Phone button (this downwards arrow is also called the More Calling Options button which is located on the left side of the + button)

3. Select Call Skype

4. Skype will connect to the other person and start calling...

5. Click the Video button on the left side of the Microphone button to Turn on Video

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Asus Fn F2 Wireless Wifi Switch Not Working - Recommended Solutions

Asus Notebook (Laptop) Model

The wireless wi-fi on my Asus M52 Laptop is not working.  I have a Windows XP operating system and my Laptop notebook model is Asus M5200AE built in the year 2004.

History of Problem

I turned off my computer for 8 weeks (2 months).  When I turned on, it is obvious that the battery was completely drained because when I switched on the power button, it is completely black and won't turn on.  I then plugged the charger and let my laptop charge for a good 4 to 5 hours.  I then turned the power switch and finally started Windows.  All was normally working except the wireless is not working.

Recommended Solutions

- Check Wireless Adapter is properly installed.  Right click My Computer -> Manage -> Device Manager -> Network Adapters -> Right click on the Wireless Adapter -> General -> This device is working properly

- Repair the Wireless Network Adapter.  Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Right click Wireless Network Connection -> Repair

- Update Wireless Adapter driver.  Right click My Computer -> Manage -> Device Manager -> Network Adapters -> Right click on the Wireless Adapter -> Update driver

- Enable the Wireless Network Adapter.  Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Right click Wireless Network Connection -> Enable

- Press Fn F2 (wireless wi-fi toggle switch)

- Turn on the External Wireless Switch (normally physically slide the button wifi switch located on the side near the touchpad or track pad (the equivalent of a mouse))

- Enable Wireless Zero Configuration.  Start -> Run -> services.msc -> Wireless Zero Configuration -> Startup type -> Automatic (the purpose of this is to ensure that the wireless adapter can detect and connect to a wireless network or a wi-fi hotspot)

- Reinstall the wireless network adapter.  The official Asus support download site is below:

- Re-install the keyboard driver software... (This worked for me and solved the wireless problem)...  Here is the Asus support download site:

The last recommendation/solution did the job. This worked like a charm! I downloaded the 2012 latest ATK Package for Windows (ATKPackage_WinXP_32_Z100015).  Run the setup and Restarted my computer and it worked and solved the problem. The solution that worked for me did not come easy. It was after 3 to 4 months of combined online search and social person to person technical support.

Hope this helps anyone with similar wifi problems.

Feel free to share your troubleshooting experience on the Comments below.

Monday, December 16, 2013

How to delete Google Adsense account only but keep Gmail

The procedure below also applies on

How to cancel or delete other accounts (products and services) from Google such as:

1. Google AdSense
2. Google App Engine Admin Console
3. Blogger (Blogspot)
4. Web History
5. iGoogle
6. Gmail
7. Google Talk
8. Google Docs
9. YouTube

1. Select only the checkbox(es) on the Google product you wish to delete.
2. Do not put a checkbox on the products you want to keep.

How to delete Google Adsense account only:

1. Go to

2. Sign in to your account

3. Data Tools

4. Account Management

5. Delete account and data

6. Put a check on the checkbox next to Google Adsense

Close your Adsense account before proceeding by completing all the process located in the link below:

7. Confirm the action by typing your password

8. Check the Yes, I want to delete my account box

8. If you have any pending financial transactions you will still be responsible for those charges

9. Check the box next to Yes, I acknowledge...

10. Click Delete Google Account button

How to delete your Google Account and ALL products and services ALL at once:
1. Follow steps 1 to 4 above

2. Delete products

3. Delete Account

4. Close account and delete all services and info associated with it    

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to download Facebook albums easily in Firefox is the most popular social media site that connects people and allows them to upload photos, videos and share links. It is currently the second most visited site in the world (just behind Google) and the best and number 1 social networking site worldwide. Launched in 2004, it has quickly grown through the years and has now over one billion active users around the globe with the reputation as the most used social networking service in the world.

Not easy to download albums within Facebook interface

Behind the success of Facebook, are the account holders, its own users. It is fairly easy to upload your pictures and videos in Facebook, however, it is a pain and grief to download your own photos and videos that belong to you. The old fashion way of saving photos in your computer is the Right-click > Save image as procedure. This method is time-consuming and very labor intensive. The process allows you to save only one image at a time. What if a user has albums with hundreds of photos in each album? It will take you forever to download them all! What a shame. This is something that Facebook staff, developers and programmers have to work on and improve upon. Remember that it is the users that made Facebook the best photo-sharing site so Facebook must also provide an easy way to download a group of pictures in a user's album. Because the pictures are the users' own property, Facebook must provide a convenient and easy way to download Facebook albums. Sadly, this is not the case.

Ways to download Facebook albums

There are a few methods how to download your albums from Facebook. One way is register to a site, login and then find your photos and download (Pick and Zip). Some site offers applications for photo downloading but at the same time include a toolbar coupled with numerous annoying offers (fbDownloader). Other sites allow you to create photo book and download features (Blurb). This is extra work.

Best way to download Facebook albums

Among the options mentioned above, the easiest way to download facebook albums is through your browser. There was a Firefox plugin called FacePAD which allows one-click download of Facebook albums. Unfortunately, it is now unavailable because it has been removed by the author. The good news is, there is a better and easier alternative, the facepaste Firefox addon. The best of all, is that it is free, easy and it is through a Firefox browser plug-in. This means you don't have to register to a site and create another user account, no malicious and deceptive toolbars, no annoying software or advertisements which often install suspicious programs in your computer, a frustrating waste of time, effort, space and computer resource.

How to install facepaste Firefox plugin (Facebook album downloader):
a. Open Firefox internet browser.

b. Go to Tools > Add-ons > On the search bar, type facepaste.

c. Install facepaste. This awesome and powerful Firefox browser addon by Delan Azabani is simply the best, fastest and easiest Facebook album downloader.

d. Restart Firefox.

e. Login to your account.

How to download single albums in Facebook using facepaste Firefox plug-in:
1. Open the album you want to download in Facebook.

2. Right click on any picture on the album.

3. Select Download Facebook album(s).

4. On the Albums white box, click on the album you want to download.

5. On the Options, Save Photos to, click the ? button and select which folder in your computer you want your photos or videos to be downloaded.

6. Select the Output file naming of your pictures.

7. Choose which action when album folder already exists in your computer.

8. Click Start button.

How to download multiple albums in Facebook using facepaste Firefox add-on:
1. Click on the Album button in Facebook.

2. Once all your Photo Albums show in Facebook, right-click on any album and Select Download Facebook album(s). Facepaste will load a list of all your albums available for download on your PC, tablet, or laptop.

3. Click on the albums you want to download. For multiple selections of albums, press and hold the CTRL (Control button) and click on the albums for downloading.

4. Follow steps 5 to 8 on the Procedure for single album downloads above.

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