Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gmail can not attach files - how to fix (solution that worked)

Using Firefox browser, in the compose of Gmail, the attachments fail. I was able to successfully attach a notepad (.txt) file but picture (.jpeg) files and Word (.doc) files fail. Below are the suggested fixes/solutions I have tried, but the last fix is the solution that actually worked for me. It was like, thinking out of the box (of a specific browser).


How to update Flash Player

1. Go to
2. Install now
3. Save file
4. Go to Downloads folder
5. Doubleclick install_flashplayer file
6. Click Run

Checking for Updated Version of Flash Player
1. Start
2. Control Panel
3. Flash Player
4. Advanced
5. Check Now


1. Open Firefox
2. Tools
3. Add-ons
4. Plugins
5. Click the: Check to see if your plugins are up to date -> (top blue sentence)
6. If you have Outdated plugins
7. Update now
8. Install now
9. Save file
10. Go to Downloads folder
11. Double click plugin file
12. Click Run

Manually Uninstalling plugin

1. Open Firefox
2. Type about:plugins in Address bar
3. Enter
4. Go to the folder where plugin is located using Windows Explorer
5. Rename file by adding X in front of filename (e.g. ngiwf32 becomes Xngiwf32).
6. Plugin will then be removed.


1. Open Firefox
2. Type about:config into address bar
3. Find the following:
4. Right click each of the above then select Toggle -> false
5. Restart the browser
6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 two times (i.e. Toggle to true and then finally to false)

SOLUTION 4: INSTALL OPERA BROWSER (this fixed my problem)

1. Go to
2. Click Free Download for Windows
3. Go to Downloads folder
4. Double click Opera_setup.exe
5. Click Run
6. Wait until Opera is installed
7. Go to
8. Sign in to Gmail
9. Click Compose
10. Attach files --> you should now be able to attach .doc, .docx, and jpg files.

This worked liked a charm for me............and it is way FASTER than Mozilla Firefox.


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