Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sample of auto reply message - Outlook

Subject:    Xmas/New Year Leave

I will be out of the office from Friday 19 Dec 2014 until Sunday 4 Jan 2015.

I will be back on Monday 5 Jan 2015.

For any emergency issues, contact the Trouble Desk at 012-345-6789.

J.B. Smith
Shop Technician
Cool Refrigeration Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Contractor
Toronto, ON, Canada M1A 2N3
Telephone 012-345-6789
Facsimile 012-345-6789


How to create an automatic reply in Outlook

• File 
• Info category 
• Automatic Replies (Out of Office)
• Send Automatic Replies
• Only send during this time range
• Enter Start time and End time
• Enter a message for Inside my Organization
• Enter a message for Outside my Organization
• Ok

See Automatic Reply (Out of Office) Sample above

Manage Rules: Auto Reply


• File 
• Info category 
• Manage Rules & Alerts 
• New Rule....
• Apply rule on messages I receive 
• Next 
• Where my name is in the To box is checked
(make the Outlook out of office auto-responder reply to all incoming mail)
• Next
• reply using a specific template is checked
• Click on a specific template under Step 2: Edit the rule description
• Look In: User Templates in File System 
• Select template created before.
• Open
• Next
• except if it is an automatic reply is checked
• Next
• Enter name for your auto-responding filter
• Optionally, enable Create this rule on all accounts.

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