Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to block an ip address in your router

This is an example of blocking a device from accessing an ip address so that it can not download information from a specific ip address from the internet. I have a WD LIVE TV streaming media player and it is popping up to update to a firmware, however, after reading from the WD support forums, numerous users complained of so many problems after the firmware update. Most of them have to revert back to the original firmware. To prevent the message from prompting to the device or your smart TV, the ip address of must be blocked in your router. Here is the procedure below:

How to block an ip address in your router:
1. Start
2. Run
3. cmd
4. OK
5. In the command prompt, type the following:
6. Note the ip address
7. Open internet browser
8. Type
9. Press Enter
10. Login to your router
11. Enter your admin password
12. Go to Firewall (or Security) depends on the brand of your network router
13. Click Access Control (or Filter) depends on the brand of your home router
14. On Customer Defined Filtering Table, Add
    For HTTP: (port 80)
    Type: TCP/UDP
    LAN IPs: single address
    Start IP:
    From port: 80
    To port: 80

    For HTTPS: (port 443)
    Type: TCP/UDP
    LAN IPs: single address
    Start IP:
    From port: 443
    To port: 443

    Do the same instructions and steps with the other Western Digital ip address

14a. On Firewall > URL Blocking:
     Put a check mark on Enable Keyword Blocking
     On Keyword/Domain name, press ADD KEYWORD and type the following keywords:

        Click Apply

After doing all the steps above, you should see the two ip addresses BLOCKED. To check this, open an internet browser and type:

your browser should provide a message saying:

This page has been blocked based on your settings
To continue browsing, either use your back button or enter a new web address

The blocked page:

matches the following signature:
The router will block so that your TV and the WD TV LIVE will not update with the new firmware software.

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