Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to recover deleted posts on Blogger (Blogspot) and republish

1. Open up a Google web search.
2. On the search box, type "". Note that the http:// is removed.
3. Your deleted post is still on Google's cache. From the search results, find your deleted post that you want to recover from the cached version.
4. Press CTRL + U or Right Click and select View Source.
5. On the html, press F3 or CTRL + F to search for the postID.
6. Copy the postID.
7. Sign in to your ( account.
8. Go to your Dashboard.
9. Edit on any post on your blog. This is to open the Post Editor.
10. On the address bar, replace the postID with the postID of your deleted blog post.
11. Press Enter.
12. The Post Editor will recover the original content of your deleted post. You can then edit and Publish your post again. The comments will be recovered as well as the original Permalink of the deleted blog post.

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