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Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How to increase site traffic and earn money online

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Optimization comes from the Latin word "optimus", which means best. Search Engine or Web Search Engine is a set of programs and algorithms used to search the internet. Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask are the big four search engines. Thus, in simple words, SEO means making your site the best or on top of search engine results.

I have done some research on what are the rules or guidelines to follow on how to optimize your site, making it search-engine friendly, avoiding being penalized and most of all to stay on the first page of search engine results then finally on the top spot, being number one on the list. I don't want to use hard to understand computer terminologies because my main audience are beginner webmasters and publishers who know little about SEO and site traffic. In order to make your page, article, hub, lens, blog or website content search-engine friendly and ultimately achieve the first position on the first page of search engine results, follow these general principles, simple rules and guidelines detailed below:

Rules, Guidelines and Tips for Optimizing your website(s):

** Page Title of your site should be relevant to its contents. (Example: Daily Chess Puzzles)

** Domain or subdomain URL should be related and should reflect the page title. (Example: http://www.daily-chess-puzzles/mate2.htm)

** Choose words and keywords carefully and precisely. (Example: chess puzzles, solutions to chess puzzles)

** Use appropriate and relevant Headings on your content. (Example: Solutions to mate in 2 chess puzzles:)

** The site content should be unique, rich in quality, informative, useful and easy to understand.

** Think about your readers. Your article should be positive, educational, clear, straightforward and natural.

** Think of repeat visitors. Think of your visitors bookmarking your site. You want your visitors to keep coming back in case they miss something.

** Think of visitor recommendations. A visitor may endorse your site to his or her friend and relatives, thereby increasing your site visits.

** The site structure, format and general outlook should be reader-friendly, easy to navigate and provide excellent user experience and satisfaction.

** A picture is worth a thousand words. Provide photos with related headers, footers or captions.

** A video is worth a million words. Include videos relevant to the topics in your article content showing detailed explanations, instructions and procedures.

** Use relevant tags. Limit the number of tags to a maximum of 15. (Example: chess, game, puzzles, problems, solutions, mate, checkmate, 2 moves)

** Provide links to other related, trusted, quality and content-rich sites. (Example: See also, Read also, Click here for more information on Chess Puzzles)

** Place backlinks (incoming links to your website) to other prominent, highly rating, high PageRank sites, social networking sites, blogging sites, forums, etc.

** Provide a Guest book (a place where readers can leave their comments, ideas or opinions).

** Moderate comments to avoid spam which would result in your site being removed from the index of search engines.

To optimize your site on search engines, beware of these warnings:

-- Don't abuse (deceptively repeat) keywords to avoid being penalized on your page ranking and rating.

-- Don't use spam, schemes to influence search engine algorithms and other evil manipulations to avoid being removed from search engine indices.

-- Don't rewrite or otherwise copy and make duplicate content from other sites to avoid copyright or trademark infringements and violations.

-- Don't make your article content full of twists and turns, just be honest, direct and concise about the topic of discussion.

-- Don't include malicious, deceitful, fraudulent and harmful links in your site.

How to increase traffic to your website, blogs, pages, lenses or hubs?

By following the rules and guidelines enumerated above and avoiding the warnings listed, it should bring satisfactory result in optimization of your site which would then cause numerous visitors generating tons of page views and thus creating a massive huge traffic to your site.

How do I earn money online on the internet?

An optimized site means high page rank which means superiority in search engine results which leads to high volume of traffic which leads to hundreds, thousands or even millions of page views which translates to big income potentials from your site on the web.

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